Teaching opportunity for US and Canadian citizens:

Teaching opportunity for US and Canadian citizens: IDEA is recruiting for a new debate instructor position in South Korea with the Koreapolyschool. The instructor will teach debate to middle school or elementary students in Seoul, or the Seoul area for one…Read More

Has forensics helped you beat the odds?

NFL is looking for specific stories of how forensics helped a student overcome adversity. For many, forensics provides a much-needed push to overcome challenges including self-esteem problems, disabilities, poor socio-economic status, and more. These students…Read More

IDEA British Parliamentary Regional Debate Workshop and Mini-Tournament

If you're a university student interested in improving your British Parliamentary debate skills, the IDEA Regional Debate Workshop and Mini-Tournament is for you. Interact with and learn from top international trainers, judges and debaters, and participate…Read More

2010 CEU Summer University

The full course list is available here: www.summer.ceu.hu . Courses you might be interested in: ● Culture as Resource: Cultural Practices and Policies After '89 (July 19 - 30, 2010) ● Ecosystem Vulnerability to Climate Change: Methods for Assessment,…Read More

Two Trainings Worthy to Pay Attention ON

1. TECH USE OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF YOUTH WORK This TC aims to provide youth workers with the competences related to the use of new technologies/ICT and to enable them to develop strategies to enhance the quality of youth work in…Read More

Global Youth Panel debates decisions of ‘COP15’ UN Climate Change Conference

Outcomes from the COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference, which runs from December 7-18, will be closely scrutinised and debated by more than 1,000 members of the Debatewise Global Youth Panel. The group of 15–25 year-olds from 140 different countries…Read More

Submit the best IDEA Youth Forum photo!

We are looking for the best photos from the past IDEA Youth Forums. Award categories: 1. oldest picture – we will award a picture that comes from the oldest Youth Forum 2. greatest number of the Youth Forum pictures – we will award a person who submits…Read More
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