कोई दारु और पैसा बाँटते हुए दिखें तो तुरंत फोन करें 1800111400

मित्रो, देश के इतिहास में "आम आदमी पार्टी" पहली ऐसी पार्टी है जो चुनावों के वक़्त दारु और पैसा बाँट नहीं रही बल्कि पकडवा रही है, और ये काम हमारे दिलेर वालंटियर कर रहे है...अपनी जान पर खेलकर हमारे वालंटियर ने ये विडिओ बनाया और चुनाव आयोग को पहुचाया...इससे…Read More

Delhi elections: Liquor distribution by other parties caught by AAP volunteers

Dec 2, 2013A cool drink shop in Badli Gaon - Ambedkar Tikona Park was found to unload mysterious bags from a van, due to which public and volunteers of AAP requested to inspect the bags. The bags were all filled with alcohol and a house behind the cool drink…Read More

Can you help Aam Aadmi Party? आप को जिताने में मदत करें।

Hi Friends, Till now you have supported Aam Aadmi Party in its battle for corruption free India. Now our first election are just some 40-50 hours away from us. Today, 2nd December at 5pm, all official campaigning will stop. All official AAP campaigning…Read More

Delhi is angry. It is itching for change. Are you? || सारी दिल्ली गुस्से में है. क्या आप भी गुस्से में हैं?

For patriots who cant come to Delhi and still want to be a part of this revolution, here is your chance. Participate in this calling campaign from wherever you are whenever you are free. Its because of your effort that sigificant number of calls done so far.…Read More

Why is ‪AAP‬ different? Why AAP cancelled its own Candidate with criminal Case?

* Only party without a high command * Only party to declare all its donors details * Only party to declare its expenditure details * Only party that did not give tickets to people with serious criminal charges * Only party that made the raw data of its survey…Read More

If AAP was corrupt, why would it stop accepting donations? Doesn't add up. Doesn’t fit the phenomenal AAP story

“Your party needed Rs 20 crores to fight Delhi elections. We have met that target. We don't need any more money for Delhi elections,” tweeted Arvind Kejriwal, AAP’s national convener - Simple, direct and unbelievable. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) then went on to…Read More

Congress, BJP face heat in Delhi-P Kurup

There are times when you don’t know whether to laugh or to cry - Like when you watch the spokespersons of political parties such as the Congress and the BJP parrying pointed questions about the sources of their funds. The Union Home Minister’s decision to…Read More
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