China executes Tibetans

China has executed Tibetans accused of unrest prior to last year's Olympics, visit 'HumanRights in Tibet' for more info.

Cause name change

We are now focusing on human rights in Tibet now that the Olympics has finnished, please have a look at the new positions, thanks, Dave

New Media Posted

Dear members, I've posted some new info. on the media section. It's a worth a read through, Dave - Founder

Boycott the Beijing Olympics now on myspace as well!

Good Afternoon, Boycott the Beijing Olympics is now on myspace as well, make sure you add it to your page! Dave - Founder

Hello new members

Hi, thanks for joining the 'Boycott the Beijing Olymics' cause. I believe that the Human rights abuse and the lack of political freedom in China and Tibet are a cause for concern in the World today. Make sure you have a look at the media and links that I've…Read More
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