Are non-muslims getting equal opportunity in politics in Islamic Countries?

No (93% people answered this) Yes (2% people answered this) Cannot say. (4% people answered this) 43 people voted. To create awareness about the condition of Human rights of Minorites in Islamic countries. We are promoting awareness about Human…Read More

Update on November 24, 2012

Latest news The countries which cannot control terror and discrimination should be brought under UN control. Write to Pakistan embassy / consulates worldwide to express concern over…Read More

Human Right volunteers

We need human right volunteers who can assist the minorities in Islamic countries defend their rights , life and dignity and enjoy absolute freedom of faith without discrimination.

Controlling the damage

Indian citizen from all states need to interact with Indian citizen from North-east and support them for detection and deportation of Bangladeshi Infiltrators. This can be done by arranging visits to North East villages, writing to Government , holding…Read More

Bangladeshi Infiltrators in India - Deportation.

Join to create a grassroot network for action against Bangladeshi Infiltrators and their effective deportation and prevention of any further infiltration - creating Indian Integrity watch comittees and volunteers in every locality in every city , town and…Read More

International Secular Initiative for Islamic countries.

International secular Initiative to press for secularisation of Islamic countries' constitutions and secularisation of school textbooks in Islamic countries and monitoring the madrassa education join .​groups/367381626607370/

join the event in your country - it is voluntary but important for future

Event . On 11 September 2012 all Consulates of Islamic Countries in the Secular Countries shall be presented a memorandum to accept Secular constitutions and provide 100 percent freedom of faith within 12 months and shall be asked to provide access to…Read More
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