Press Release: HRCBM expresses its deep anguish and concern over the recent barbaric atrocities done by Jamaat-Shibir cadres and BNP activist in the different parts in Bangladesh

HRCBM's Bangladesh National Chapter issued a press release regarding the ongoing atrocities against country's minorities. For details, please view at or…Read More

200 year old Regunath Temple demolished byAwami league lear and his guns

Please visit To, Mr A Karim , Principal Secretary to the Hon’ble Prime Minister Prime Minister’s Office, Dhaka email : Dear Principal Secretary We regret to inform you that…Read More

Show your support to HRCBM with every purchase you make

Dear Friends & Members, Spread the word! HRCBM has partner with CapitalOne Bank to offer Credit cards to it's members and supporter. Please visit and apply for a credit card. Every purchase you make with HRCBM's…Read More

Rally at UN calls on Bangladesh to implement 1997 CHT Accord and remove Army Camps

Press Release International Jumma Organization. May, 24, 2011: New York. The International Jumma Organization in association with Friends of CHT, Bangladesh, organized a large rally outside the United Nations. It was attended by large numbers of Jumma…Read More

Human Rights Congress for Bangladeshi Minorities (HRCBM)

Dear Members and supporters of HRCBM, You will be glad to note that facebook has now approved HRCBM as authorized non profit. Please support our cause of "Help Save Bangladesh Minorities". You can now gladly contribute to the organization through…Read More

Hathazari and Nandirhat Hindu Mandirs (Temples) Destroyed

The url attached shows aftermath of Islamic zealots' reign of terror at Hathazari and Nandirhat, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Islamic zealots attacked Hindu temple and shops at Hathazari, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Chittagong, Feb 10 ( -- Authorities clamped Section 144 banning public gathering at Hathazari on Friday amid mounting tensions after several Hindu temples were vandalised and torched there. Local people claimed religious bigots of…Read More
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