Build a public health approach to address gun violence!

GUN VIOLENCE IS NOT GOOD FOR THE HOMELESS Homeless people receive no benefit from proliferation of firearms, usually lacking the finances to buy one, a place to store them or the ability to be trained in their proper use and handling, such as it may be. To…Read More

Stop Tuberculosis promote awareness among vulnerable populations!

Cause founder under the gun. I need your help. I moved too fast and generated backlash from homeless services professionals who believe that the Cough Hygiene Initiative implicitly criticizes their work. Please make sure to go all the way through to the…Read More

#GivingTuesday Pledge to End Homelessness

Allied Teach Everywhere About Community Health successfully deployed at Project Healthy Neighbors, Freedom Warming Centers, Homeless Empowerment and Love and other locations with a Four Point A-D Infectious Disease Prevention Poster and posed unhoused folks…Read More

Street Medicine Film Festival? View these clips and learn how...

STREET MEDICINE Jonny Kahleyn has generously made this full documentary available free of charge. please CLICK THE ARROW above so that the click counter counts you as a viewer. "Street Medicine is my first documentary. It was released in 2008. It has played…Read More

PETITION: Tell the VA to Support Therapy Using Service Dogs to Help Vets Recovering from PTSD

To: The Department of Veteran Affairs and the Senate Committee considering H.R. 2074 A service dog trained to assist a veteran suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) can literally be a lifesaver. Preliminary studies have shown that 82% of PTSD…Read More

Leverage social networking to reduce homelessness-related suffering. Join us! We highly recommend advocates watch all six of the videos posted on YouTube in which Jacob Richards Advocate/Activist shares his expertise. He is founder of 'Housing First! Support No More…Read More


The American Diabetes Association lays out the following risk factors: - Risk increases with age - Men are more likely than women (one reason may be that they are less likely to see their doctor regularly) - High blood pressure - Low HDL cholesterol and high…Read More
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