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Give the Gift of Education

As we wrap up the year, we are grateful for the opportunity we have to help provide an education to hundreds of students in Haiti. Hope for the Hungry believes strongly in the need to provide a Christ-Centered education to the children in Haiti in an effort…Read More

Shoes, Backpacks, Education... Hope!

Good evening, I trust this email finds you well. For thirty years Hope for the Hungry has been helping transform lives of children in Haiti. We have a team of 20 leaving in July to deliver the rest of the backpacks and shoes to our boys home in Haiti. You can…Read More

Happy Birthday!

Do you have a birthday coming up this month? Create a birthday wish and this year ask your friends to donate to support Hope for the Hungry this year. Hope for the Hungry has over 1,000 kids in school in Haiti, multiple orphanages, and a global footprint in…Read More

Thirty Years of Hope in Haiti

Dan Kirkley, Founder and President of Hope for the Hungry shares a little about the last thirty years in Haiti. http://eepurl.com/kEVMb

Sign up for the Hope for the Hungry newsletter today

Thank you so much for supporting Hope for the Hungry on causes. If you are interested in keeping up with Hope for the Hungry be sure to sign up for our simple eNews newsletter. We promise not to bombard your inbox too frequently. Follow the link to sign…Read More

Serving the King!

Hope for the Hungry e-newsletter, Serving the King! http://eepurl.com/kbSS5

Two Years Later in Haiti

While two years ago today marked the day the earthquake rocked Haiti, we have seen many blessings and much progress over the last two years. Read our last three blog posts to see a sample of God at work in Haiti. http://sharingthebreadoflife.blogspot.com/
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