Current Happenings at Hope for Children as of January 2008

Your Prayers are needed to help HFC place as many kids as possible in their forever homes.... We are starting a new adoption program in Ethiopia. Chrissy Alberi and Dave Malutinok are in Ethiopia this week looking to hire a program director. Please pray for…Read More

Tis The Season...

Just wanted to give a LITTLE challenge to you all. It's great having HOPE for Children on Facebook! With now 60+ members, I would like to encourage you to donate $10 for HOPE! If we all do this, it will help someone who is currently trying to adopt! Many…Read More

NEW: Hope for Children's Ukraine Hosting Program!

Now accepting applications for the Spring 2007 Ukraine Hosting Program! If you or anyone you know may be interested, please contact: [email protected] with questions or visit Hope for Children's website: to read the details.…Read More
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