Richard Kings Amazing Idea!!!

Please be reading the article i have posted on the cause wall from our amazing brother Richard King who has come up with an 'novel' way of approaching current government restrictions on the plant sacraments. It has a very 'oz-tralian flavour to it and is…Read More

medicine retreat

Last heads up to any victorian based plant lovers who might want to come to our weekend circle at Buxton if you are interested please message me for details...cheers Jewel...

Plant place to rent

Hi all...shane and I will be on the road for a month over january and we need to rent our beautiful house for the time we are away...3rd of jan to the same period in feb..we need plant people to fill it as there wlll be plants to watch water and talk too...we…Read More

Summer solstice date rearrangement

Sorry all...can't believe i got the day wrong...we will be gathering on the afternoon of Sat the 20th of december so we can greet the sun as it rises on sunday morning the 21st...sorry for stuff up...think i will ask universe for an admin assistant for…Read More

Summer Solstice

Hey all just a heads up that shane and i will be holding a summer solstice circle on the 19th here at Blue knob in NNSW...if interested please message me for details cheers M

Teachers in Resdience

Hello to all you beautiful plant lovers and supporters. I am writing to advise you that Myself and my partner (Shane) will be living at the Centre for Change at Blue Knob for a 6 month teaching residency. We will be working with the Centres' founder Alexis…Read More

Help Required

Hello beautiful people. I am emailing on a personal note..this is a call for help to find a space to live and work, even for a couple of months, until next march. We have been living in a caravan for TOOOO long...we 2 + 1 14 year old god-dog companion. If any…Read More
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