A Decade of Research into Homeopathy: 1981-1990

This is Part-1 of three-part series showcasing the Research in Homeopathy during the decade spanning from 1981 to 1990. The next two parts will showcase the research for the next two decades. In all the three parts, the research findings are shown in tabular…Read More

Mission Objectives of Friends of Science in Homeopathy

1. Encouraging Universities to start medical degree education on Homeopathy: The teaching of advanced medical courses on Homeopathy by academicians in government-accredited universities helps them to maintain the highest educational standards. More…Read More

A Repository of Downloadable Resources on Homeopathy

A repository of 37 downloadable pdf resource items on Homeopathy such as Education, Research, Thesis, Articles, Repertory, Ebooks, Ejournals and interviews. 1. Resources linked in other articles on this blog are not included 2. Only articles in PDF format…Read More

Homeopathy in the News

Now you can get all the news and information on Homeopathy Healthcare from 5 social media networks: Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, WordPress and Pinterest at this webpage. There are 6 tabs to access them: Home, WordPress, @DrNancyMalik, Favourite tweets,…Read More

Applied Research in Specific Medical Conditions

Evidence-based Homeopathy for 27 disease conditions Statistically significant human studies in peer-reviewed medical journals upto the end of year 2010 are included. The compendium is prepared by mining 7 online databases. A1.UPPER RESPIRATORY TRACT…Read More

How to get rid of a Headache?

Bryonia: good for headaches brought about by movement. Ignitia: good for headaches brought on by acute emotional distress. Journal of Hellenic Headache Association Homeopathic Treatment in patients with migraine (2006)…Read More

Subscribe to the RSS feeds on Homeopathy

There are two ways to get notified for every new post on your favourite blog or website 1. By email subscription (You get notified of new post by email but your email is known to the owner whose blog/site you have subscribed to) 2. By subscribing to RSS…Read More
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