Role of Homeopathy in Antibiotic Resistance

I lost one of my best friends on the “All Souls Day” (2nd Nov 2014) in an unfortunate turn of events in October 2014, as he was laid low by a Streptococcal bacterial infection that led him into septicemic shock (severe blood infection + abnormally low blood…Read More

Science-based Homeopathy NewsLetter

Dear Doctor/Scientists/Patients It gives me an immense pleasure to introduce inaugural (first) issue of quarterly ‘Science-based Homeopathy’ NewsLetter. There is no better time than the month of April to start with as ‘World Homeopathy Day’ and ‘World…Read More

World Health Day on 7th April

‘World Health Organisation’ celebrates 7th April every year as ‘World Health Day’ to raise awareness on health, disease and cure. Health is not just merely an absence of disease but a dynamic entity where a state of equilibrium keeps the constitution of an…Read More

Arnica Montana – All you need to know

Arnica Montana, commonly known as Leopard’s bane, is a European flowering (bright yellow flowers similar to daisy, bright green leaves) plant. Arnica, the queen of plants in Homeopathy, is one of the greatest medicine ever known to mankind. Today, Arnica is…Read More

Science-based Homeopathy Blog and HONcode Accreditation

The ‘Science-based Homeopathy’ (SbH) blog applied for prestigious HONcode certification from Accreditation certification body ‘Health on Net Foundation‘ (HNF), a switzerland-based non-governmental organisation accredited by World Health Organisation, in March…Read More

A Decade of Research into Homeopathy: 1981-1990

This is Part-1 of three-part series showcasing the Research in Homeopathy during the decade spanning from 1981 to 1990. The next two parts will showcase the research for the next two decades. In all the three parts, the research findings are shown in tabular…Read More

Mission Objectives of Friends of Science in Homeopathy

1. Encouraging Universities to start medical degree education on Homeopathy: The teaching of advanced medical courses on Homeopathy by academicians in government-accredited universities helps them to maintain the highest educational standards. More…Read More
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