Hello again

just popping in for a quick hello. The month of Feb was filled with writing and looking for grants. As you know, grants for homeopathy are scarce to nonexistent, so being creative in the search was a big part of the goal. For now things seem promising, and I…Read More


Its time to do more than just stand idly by...

How we can help this cause.

Hello everyone. I have been thinking of ways in which we can all help this cause. One of the thing most needed is funding, it's hard to volunteer time and efforts on a long term basis and have to worry about how to pay for it all too, so if you would like to…Read More


Wow! Our cause has surpassed 500 members, this is so exciting! Imagine what we can accomplish if we all work together. This month we are meeting the challenge of 200 pairs of gently used eyeglasses to help others with poor eye sight. As Margaret Mead said:…Read More


Admit it: Giving gifts is fun because getting thanked feels great. But perhaps real generosity is actually the act of anonymous giving. Come on, lets go for it! Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out....Frank A. Clark

Letting our voice be heard

Rachel Carson's Silent Springs, published in '62 alarmed ppl about the harm being done to nature & our food by pesticides. Few raised the issue w/their representatives, others fought the chemical companies producing pesticides w/publicity & protest,…Read More


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I received 2 packages of eye glasses today, I literally skipped away from the mailbox singing, "glasses, glasses we got the glasses!" It feels so good knowing that OUR cause group is stepping up to the plate and delivering! If…Read More
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