United States: Cannabis Is Safer Than Opioids, According To Several Studies

In the midst of an opioid epidemic in the United States, research studies show that using cannabis to treat chronic pain is a safer, less addictive alternative to narcotics. http://crrh.org/news/cannabis-is-safer-than-opioids-according-several-studies

Kentucky: Hemp Grown In Commonwealth Used As Insulation In Lexington Housing Project

This weekend, to commemorate Hemp History Week, a two day "Building with Hemp" workshop brought community members together in Lexington, Kentucky to begin insulating a house with Kentucky-grown hemp.…Read More

Pennsylvania: Industrial Hemp Plot Planted In Perry County, Harvest To Be Cattle Feed

Last Tuesday, an industrial hemp research plot was planted in Perry County, Pennsylvania. If successful, the seeds should germinate in about a week and mature in 100 days. http://crrh.org/news/pennsylvania-industrial-hemp-planted-perry-county

Washington: Historic Industrial Hemp Crop Planted In Moses Lake

Last Week in Moses Lake, industrial hemp seeds were planted. This historic event, which was presented by the Washington Hemp Industries Association and sponsored by HempLogic USA and Hemp Ace International, celebrated the first legal planting of the…Read More

Pennsylvania: Industrial Hemp Sown For First Time In Decades

For the first time in over 80 years, researchers and farmers are allowed to cultivate hemp in Pennsylvania, with permits. The new law allows permit holders to grow up to five acres of industrial hemp.…Read More

Kentucky: Industrial Hemp Processing Plant Expands In Louisville

Sunstrand, a Louisville-based hemp processing plant, is a biomaterials company that processes hemp, kanaf, flax, and bamboo for industrial and technical applications. http://crrh.org/news/kentucky-industrial-hemp-processing-plant-expands-in-louisville

Kentucky: University of Louisville Studying Industrial Hemp for Fuel

For a second consecutive year, the University of Louisville's Conn Center for Renewable Energy is planting industrial hemp at the school’s Belknap Campus. The university is planting two types of hemp and kenaf to research their potential as renewable energy…Read More
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