HELP Jamaica! BOOK DRIVE!!! Calling all Jamaicans and Jamaica-travelers who are flying to Jamaica in the next months, please carry some books to Jamaica and help us build a great and meaningful collection! Every book is a valuable contribution to our…Read More

Brandnew Charity T-Shirt "Gullyside College" - designed by SKANK

Support HELP Jamaica! and get your first-class Charity T-Shirt (100% organic cotton) designed by Swedish quality fashion label SKANK! 100% of the proceeds go straight to HELP Jamaica! and will be used to establish our education center in Cassava Piece.…Read More

State of Emergency - and now Jamaica?

HELP Jamaica! is shocked about the present situation in Jamaica and wishes to express condolences to all Jamaicans who have lost family members and friends in the disastrous incidents of the last days. Since May 23rd, Jamaica is in a dramatic state of…Read More

HELP Jamaica! Charity Month in June 2010!!!

HELP Jamaica! is working on the charity month June 2010... and we are calling all sounds and promoters! Do you want to take part in our charity month in June? You can organize a dance for HELP Jamaica! (no matter how big or small) and at least 80% per cent…Read More

HELP Jamaica! Education Center in Cassava Piece!!!

After many months of waiting and a long bureaucratic process we finally can announce the good news! We have been able to negotiate a long term leasing contract for the building in Cassava Piece, the ‘old clinic’ on Cassava Piece Road, which will soon become…Read More

Please vote for HELP Jamaica at the IRAWMA awards!

Please vote for HELP Jamaica! as best 'Community Service' @ the 29th International Reggae & World Music Awards (IRAWMA) - here are the nominees of category 31 - SPECIAL COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD : * Capleton “A St. Mary Mi Come From”- (Jamaica) * Queen…Read More

Article about HELP Jamaica! on United Reggae

Sis Brite just posted a link to your cause, HELP Jamaica! ( Please read the article about HELP Jamaica on! Thank you all for your continued support! Big up! Thanks, Sis Brite U4m…Read More
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