Jennifer missing 5 1/2 yrs

Jennifer is now gone by the heinous act of abduction 5 1/2 years . we still desperately need your help. if anyone has any information please contact Orlando police or crimeline 1-800-423-8477(tips) reward money still available. also visit…Read More

Jennifer kesse story on Vanished with Beth Holloway, Lifetime TV. segmant will be avail online until 6-30-11 by network. Thank you!

May 20th is Jennifer's Birthday.

Jennifer will turn 30 years old Friday May20th. We her family ask that you may honor her by DONATING BLOOD, it is always needed and sayves lives. As well you may also donate to The Jennifer Kesse Criminal Justice Endowed Scholarship set up at The University…Read More

New youtube of Jennifer

the video says it all this is our little girl who grew into an incredible young lady. She needs your help as we do desperately. Enjoy

Jennifer Kesse Criminal Justice Scholarship news from Univ. of Central Florida

Please help us help thise who will be our future Law Enforcement officers by supporting The Jennifer kesse Criminal Justice Endowed Scholarship. Please check out the attached link. Jennifer has been Missing for over 5 yrs with little to no advancement in her…Read More

The Drew Kesse Radio Show 1-3pm est tues. & thurs

‎10-7-2010 The drew Kesse Show will continue on the subject of The Dark Side of Having a Missing Loved One. As well we will be joined by Doug and Mary Lyall, parents of Missing Suzanne Lyall, NY state as well as creators of Center For Hope their organization…Read More

Missing Jenn Kesse's 29th Birthday, May 20th- Help Make the World a Better Place

In honor of Jenn Kesse's 29th Birthday this Thursday, May 20th, take a moment and do something good- donate blood, volunteer your time, help make the world a better place. In honor of Jenn, her family and friends, help give back! Please pass on Jenn's…Read More
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