ARTICLE - CNN - Hearing loss an 'invisible,' and widely uninsured, problem

News Regarding SB 71

Today, the bill's sponsor took the bill "out of the record," which means it will not move anywhere. That means we escaped the extra premium problem, but we still don't have mandatory coverage. Our next steps are to re-evaluate the situation to see if a bill…Read More

ACTION ALERT! Contact Your State Senator and Say: SB 71 Does Not Work For Us!

The State Senate hearing aid insurance bill (SB 71) would require insurers to cover hearing aids for all ages. BUT there is a bill amendment that changes the bill to say that insurers can add a premium (extra cost) to your insurance cost to pay for your…Read More

Get Ready for Hearing Aid Action This Week!

Dear hearing aid advocates, This week, the Illinois Senate may be looking at SB 71, the hearing aid bill. On Monday morning we'll find out if the bill will for sure be called for a hearing on Tuesday. If called, the bill will be heard by the Senate Insurance…Read More

SB2516 is now SB71 and An Introduction!

NEWSFLASH!!! Senate Bill 2516 is now Senate Bill 71!! Senator Ira I. Silverstein introduced SB71 to the 97th General Assembly on January 27, 2011. Currently, SB71 is in the insurance committee. There will be a change in leadership this year. I would like to…Read More

Almost up to 13,000 members - SHARE WITH FRIENDS

We need 51 people to join this cause to get to 13,000 total - please share with your friends that either need hearing aids or know someone who has them... We are going to heat up discussions with legislators about this issue right now and this will be how we…Read More

OVER 10,000 people join this CAUSE!!!

Great job in organizing the everyone!!! now let's keep working together to make this a reality... please share any successes you are having with this group so that we can work together as a unified group...
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