New HCC video for 2014

This is a new video for 2014 that describes the work that HCC is doing in Nepal with orphaned and abandoned children there. We hope you enjoy it and see more updates about our work at or

Our new HCC web page

Please check out our new HCC web site at (   We are currently working on adding videos of each of our older students to their profile page.   If you like this site, please share it with your friends.

This is our updated HCC video for 2012.

Please take a few moments to watch our new HCC video.  We have backround on the charity and interviews of some of the students we support.  We have received great reviews from the people that have watched it.

HCC Video

Please enjoy our HCC video!

Start a Birthday wish to help HCC

Want a quick and easy way to help support our kids in Nepal? Create a Birthday Wish in Causes to benefit HCC. It is simple, just click on "Start a Birthday Wish for this Cause" in the top right corner of the HCC cause page and then just invite your friends to…Read More

Invite your friends to join HCC

Happy New Year!!! HCC is now supporting 67 orphaned or abandoned children in Nepal both in an English medium boarding school and in our NEW group home. We now have 8 children that have started college and our HCC family is growing. Please invite your friends…Read More

HCC youtube Videos

Look at our new videos posted on youtube. More to come! (Introduction #1) (Introduction #2) (Introduction #3)
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