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Category 1: I haven't lost my any family member in 1971. So trial of war criminals doesn't matter to me! It's only a past! We have many things to do for the development of our country. Category 2: You want the trial of war criminals? Yes! I also want! You…Read More

Organization members needed in "14e December er Dol"

14e December er Dol (New generation inspired by the spirit of the liberation war) "14e December er Dol" is a non political volunteer youth organization based on Bangladesh Liberation War. All the members are college & university going students & some…Read More

virtual fight against Hizb Ut-Tahrir Bangladesh

Group Name : BAN HIZB UT-TAHRIR and other fanatics from BANGLADESH Group Link : Description : Bangladesh is a democratic country. A democratic country is supposed to provide equal rights to everyone and…Read More

Only 3 days left

Please vote for Cox's Bazar & Shundarban on Note: will send you a confirmation e-mail. Your vote will not be counted until you have clicked on the link in this e-mail. So, please…Read More

report about a group which is created against of Zafor Iqbal sir

A group is created AGAINST MD. Zafor Iqbal sir. Please don't join the group & REPORT about this group to the facebook authority. Click on the "Report Group" option in the left side of the group page. group name: United 1000 members to save our future…Read More

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Save a Freedom Fighter

Save A Freedom Fighter --------------------- যিনি লড়েছেন দেশের জন্য, আমরা লড়ছি তাঁর জন্য, সঙ্গে থাকুন (Who fought for the country, we are fighting for him, stay with us) Engr AJSM Khaled, a valiant freedom fighter in the 1971 War of Liberation, is ailing…Read More
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