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Can I Share the Vision of Harvest India?

Christina and I will be visiting the United States in just a couple of weeks, and we'd love to share the vision of Harvest India at your church or other gathering. FIRST TRIP: June 13th - August 3rd (currently booking) SECOND TRIP: August 15th - September…Read More

Harvest India

Dear Friends, I am so pleased about your frienship and partnership in this great work. We togather can change the bad to good and bless the people who are in need. I am so thankful to all of you. My prayers are with you and peace be with you, just remember…Read More

Water Well Donated By "Facebook Friends"

Thanks for your great help to the poor people in India. The water well was purchased with the $1000 donated by 12 individuals who are part of the "Harvest India Facebook Cause." The well is now blessing over 500 families with safe drinking water. We deeply…Read More

CONGRATULATIONS - $1000 raised!

Hello Harvest India Cause Members... Our goal for the month of September was $1000, and we did it. 12 members of the cause stepped up to give the amount needed to fund a water well in a remote village. Thank you and the people of this village thank you! The…Read More

9 days left to raise $630 - can we do it?

Hello friends, In the month of September, Harvest India is seeking to raise $1,000 to fund a water well in an outlying village in my state of Andhra Pradesh. This water well will provide clean water that is desperately needed by the 500+ men, women, and…Read More
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