Revised Mission Statement

The Mission State for "The Harold Mandel, MD Natural Mental Health Care Reform Association has been revised at:

USA Has Pleasant Mental Health Activists Labeled as Mentally ill

The hypocritically disturbed and chronically abusive US government has been creating a corrupt and horribly brutal fundamentalist Psychiatric Terrorist State which is being used to sadistically undermine the personal freedoms of decent, sane and law abiding…Read More

The USA Has Become A Brutal Psychiatric Police State!

The hypocritically disturbed US government has been creating a brutal Psychiatric Police State out of the USA which has nothing to do with mental health care and which instead is being used to sadistically undermine the personal freedoms of decent, sane and…Read More

St John's wort for depression

The natural herb St. John's wort has been found to help beat many cases of depression naturally!

Press Release

Beginning today I will be emphasizing Natural Mental Health Care treatment options for the prevention and treatment of mental illness instead of simply focusing on the many problems which are inherent in the provision of mental health care. It is my hope this…Read More

Torture by America's Psychiatric Genocide Machine Continues

Criminally insane US feds and cops working with American psychiatrists are continuing to heat up excruciatingly painful torture directed against sane dissidents and poor people with satellite drones used to scramble brain waves leading the way in the space…Read More

The USA Has Developed An Extensive Psychiatric Genocide Scheme

The criminal US government has been keeping sane and law abiding activists and poor people under surveillance with satellite drones and than having them beaten up and falsely arrested and charged with crimes they did not commit and mental illnesses they do…Read More
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