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well its a year since this road took another life, lets hope the council does something soon before we add any more names to the roll call.....R.I.P Hannah

court case

hannahs mum just let me know that the driver that hit hannah has just been given the verdict of death by dangerous driving and will be sentenced on the 18th may 2010.

Leeds City Council Meeting

I will place this as an item on the next Morley Town Council Highways and Transportation Committee agenda . The meeting will take place on Wednesday, 8th July at 7pm. Thats an email from the council board.

Please Sign

Please sign the petition everyone lets get something sorted.


hi guys heres a link for the online petition http://www.gopetition.com/online/28727.html


Hi, I would just like to tell you all there is a petition in shops arond the area to get speeding restrictions on britannia road and speed cameras. If anyone would like to sign them, either go in the shop on brtannia road, and theres some in shops in morley,…Read More
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