Fundraising for 2011 season

We had 2 successful fledges this year. Solo from the Sidney eagle cam and Tenas Chakchak from the Lafarge nest have both headed off to face their futures. We wish them both long life and full tummies! Here is David Hancock's wishlist for the 2011…Read More

Delta O.W.L. Cams are up and running. No sign of eagles yet though!

Delta O.W.L cams are up and running but no sign of the eagles. Our other Delta pair is back though and possibly building a new nest in the hydro tower close to their old nest. That would be a good alternative to their old nest which has been too small to…Read More

Ma and Pa Sidney are back!

Ma and Pa Sidney are back and making nestorations on the nest (newest nest)!

Newsletter #11 is here!

See updates on the eagle cam nests! Update on Delta 1 Nest: Bandit involuntarily fledged on July 30 when he was startled by a large branch breaking off of his nest tree. He was rescued by O.W.L. and is doing very well. Watch for news of his release from…Read More

Breeze has officially fledged from the Sidney nest!

It's official, Breeze has fledged (flown away from the nest for the first time). She fledged early this morning, Sunday, June 28th. She is presently resting in a fir tree across from the nest. You can see her on the cam periodically exercising her wings! Go…Read More

Sad nest lightened by hope!

Sad news for Delta1 yesterday. We lost one of the eaglets when it fell off the too small nest. O.W.L. retrieved the eaglet but it died from the injuries of it's fall. Today David Hancock will try to construct some kind of catch system for the remaining eaglet…Read More

2 new eaglets on Delta1 Nest!

We now have 2 healthy new eaglets on Delta1 nest.
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