Donation request.

Hello everyone, Just would like to send a reminder out that if you are able to make a monetary donation to Habitat for Horses, please go to and use their secured link to Paypal. Every dollar you donate is tax deductable because they…Read More

Some of the costs of equine care

For those of you whom have equines you are all too familiar with this list, for those of you whom do not, this is a list of the costs (varies) in the care of an equine. Please consider making a donation to help with the cost of the rescues! Thanks! Farrier…Read More

A Message from Willie Nelson!

Dear Friends: I'm a little prejudiced when it comes to horses. I have always loved them. I currently have about 68; 25-30 were rescued directly from slaughter. I got involved 8 years ago, when AWI first made me aware that American horses are being…Read More

He is happy and content in his Forever Home

Dawn Butler just posted a photo to your cause, Habitat for Horses Equine Rescue ( This in one of our Rescues who now has a Forever Home! He is very happy and loves his new family who loves them just as much…Read More


There are 6373 Cause Members on the Habitat for Horses Cause and I am truly amazed that it is steady climbing! We need to all ban together to help these magestic creatures and to stop the abuse, abandonment, neglect and so on that is happening toward these…Read More

This is one of our happy and content Equines

Dawn Butler just posted a photo to your cause, Habitat for Horses Equine Rescue ( Meet Lanny - now in his Forever Home - doesn't he look happy and at ease! Do you have room in your home to provide a Forever…Read More

We need your help again!

Reminder: click to vote for Habitat for Horses! We are at 290 today! We appreciate all the help we are getting on this! Only takes a few minutes, 1x a day & not only are you helping us but you are also helping to feed other…Read More
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