Group B Strep in Thats Life magazine

Hi Everyone I have managed to get Thats Life Magazine to write an article about Group B Strep. It will include all 4 risk factors associated with GBS so women can look out for themselves during labour and inform people that there is a private test that can…Read More

Worthing Herald Newspaper article on Worthing hospital and Group B Step

If you're local, grab yourself a copy of this weeks Herald. They've written an article about how my son Blake died from GBS due to the hospital staff not following their own guildines and proceedures. The lady who interviewed me said she had contacts with The…Read More

New petition

Hello everyone just an email to let u know the new petition is up plz plz plz can u all sign it thanx very much x

Government response to petition!

The Government takes this issue very seriously and has every sympathy for families whose newborn babies suffer from life-threatening GBS infection. Current policy, based on advice from the UK National Screening Committee (UKNSC), the Royal College of…Read More

Sainsburys Charity Nominiation

Hi all I know you dont all live in haywards heath but for anyone who does Sainsburys are running a sponser a charity promotion. if anyones goes in there would you please fill out a form to sponser Group B Strep Support (GBSS). Their web address is…Read More

Spread the word!

Hiya all, we are currently waiting for the goverments response to the petition and hoping for a good outcome! can everyone please keep spreading the word and help raise awareness your help is greatly appreciated we need to get the info out there thanx very…Read More

Group B Strep petition

Hello everyone Apologies if you have already done so but to those who havent, please could you take 5 mins of your tim to fill out the GBS routine testing petetion. Once you sign it you will then need to accept an email in your hotmail/yahoo etc account.…Read More
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