Gratitude Day 2012

Hi Everyone. This is just a reminder that Gratitude Day 2012 is approaching. Take a moment on February 23rd to consider the things for which you are truly grateful. I imagine there are a wealth of blessings in your life in the form of people, things, and…Read More

Thank you everyone!

Just a quick note to tell you all thank you for participating in Gratitude Day. I hope you all took away something very positive from it. Please continue to recruit, and don't wait for next year to be grateful for the many good things in your lives. Ryan

Gratitude Day Tomorrow!

Hi Folks, thank you for taking part in Gratitude Day tomorrow. Remember to wear something yellow, and to reflect on those things for which you are grateful. Please also consider inviting people to join the cause along with us. We appreciate all of you for…Read More

Reminder: Wednesday is Gratitude Day

Hi Everyone, Just a reminder that this Wednesday, Feb 23rd is Gratitude Day. Please wear something yellow, and consider the many good things in your life. Thank you for being a part of this with us! Ryan Sharif

Gratitude Day, February 23rd

Hi Friends, Gratitude Day is approaching. Please consider telling your friends about it, and remember to wear yellow on that day. Most importantly, please make sure you take time to reflect on the many things you have for which you are grateful.

One more thing...

Hi everyone, Please also consider inviting your friends to join this Cause. We would like as many people as possible participating tomorrow, and every year. Thanks! Ryan

Gratitude Day tomorrow!

Hi everyone. Thank you for joining the Gratitude Day cause. Please remember that tomorrow is February 23rd, Gratitude Day. If you choose to participate with us, please do so simply by wearing some form of yellow. Please also take a moment to reflect on the…Read More
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