Make The Sandy Hook Promise. This Time, Help Us Secure Real Change!

Thank you for observing a moment of silence for the children at Sandy Hook last month. Since that time, the parents of Newtown got together and decided to help move the country forward by creating the Sandy Hook Promise. Please support them in their work to…Read More

Honor the Victims of Sandy Hook: From Moment of Silence to Moment of Action

Thank you for coming together around the Demand a Plan campaign. The next way that we can show solidarity is to observe a moment of silence with people all over the country on Friday. Now is the time to put aside our differences and show our support. Thanks…Read More

Demand A Plan - President Obama, We Need a Gun Safety Plan for America

After the horrifying events in Newtown, CT, now is the time to come together. We mourn for those lost, we pray to protect our kids, and we absolutely DEMAND a plan from our leaders to curb this violence. Please sign and share this petition today. Our kids…Read More

1,000,000 MEMBERS!!!!!!

I would like to thank everyone that has joined our Cause thus far for helping us reach our goal of 1,000,000 Members! Allow God in School has grown from a small group for friends and family in one city, to a nationally known associate of Facebook. I am happy…Read More

Shirts for sale

I have received many questions about the "God in Schools" t-shirt. I am happy to announce that these shirts will be available for everyone to order within a few weeks. Right now the only color is Navy, and is available in all sizes. I will update everyone as…Read More

1000 members!!!!!

Thank you to everyone in this cause that has taken the time to invite and recruit as many friends as possible. I never imagined that we would make it to 1000 members this fast. Please keep forward your effort to make this important cause known by people…Read More


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