Another Matching Donation! Support GlobeMed in the final 14 hours!

Dear Friends, Its late - but I have some very exciting news. Four hours ago, we told you that an extremely generous supporter had offered to match the next one-hundred $10 donations. Since that time, we have secured 93 donations and are approaching meeting…Read More

One day left to help GlobeMed Win $10,000 (And a special announcement!)

Dear Friend, Thank you so much for helping GlobeMed become one of the top competitors in America's Giving Challenge. Currently, GlobeMed is in ninth place, with the top 12 organizations in the challenge each winning $10,000.

 With just 24 hours left until…Read More

Thank You

Dear Friend, Thank you so much for your donation to GlobeMed. Because of your donation we have secured close to 1,000 donations, and raised over $750 for each of our 19 grassroots partners around the world. What does $750 do? It funds an annual training…Read More

Thank You for Supporting GlobeMed

Dear Friend, Starting in October, you supported GlobeMed in America's Giving Challenge on Facebook. Because of you, GlobeMed was able to finish in ninth place out of over 1,000 organizations making us the only global health organization to finish in the top…Read More


The official results have yet to come in, but GlobeMed has tentatively secured $12,000 in prize money (including an overall prize and two daily prizes) as well as over $23,000 from more than 1,000 supporters like you! Because of you, GlobeMed will be able…Read More

Less than 4 hours left!

Thank you everyone for all you are doing to help GlobeMed in this competition. Now, more than ever, we need all the donations we can get. 10th place is now within 20 of us, and 13th place is only 90 donations away from putting us out of the top 12. So - we…Read More

Three More Chances to Give

With the competition ending at 3PM EST, this Friday, we each have just three more chances to donate. Starting today, November 4th, GlobeMed is going to be making its final push in this competition. Right now we are in ninth place, but those in 10th through…Read More
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