The Elders Appeal Directly to World Leaders on Climate Change -- “Strong leadership has never been more needed”

30 Nov 2009 In personal letters to 192 Heads of State and Government, The Elders have called for a fair, ambitious and effective deal in Copenhagen that will lead to a legally binding agreement. Desmond Tutu, Kofi Annan, Gro Brundtland, Jimmy Carter, Mary…Read More

The Elders call on Sri Lankan government to protect rights of civilians displaced by conflict

26 Nov 2009 The Elders have made a direct appeal to the President of Sri Lanka to protect the rights of civilians displaced after the government’s defeat of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in May. Six months since the end of the war, the Elders…Read More

Kofi Annan on the 60th Anniversary of the Geneva Conventions

9 November 2009 Recently, Kofi Annan spoke at a conference held by the ICRC and Switzerland celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the signing of the Geneva Conventions. In his remarks he set forth what he believes to be the future challenges facing the…Read More

Yunus Steps Down and Ahtisaari Joins

Muhammad Yunus Steps Down (21/09/2009) Muhammad Yunus, who joined the Elders in 2007, has announced he will step down. Professor Yunus says he will continue to support the group "in any way possible," but regrets that he is unable to do justice to his…Read More

The Elders in the Middle East

Follow The Elders as they travel throughout Israel and the Palestinian Territories. At a time of renewed hope that an historic peace agreement can be reached, The Elders feel that it is more important than ever to listen to the concerns of all sides and to…Read More

The Elders announce visit to the Middle East

27 Jul 2009 The Elders – a group of eminent global leaders brought together by Nelson Mandela – have announced plans to visit Israel, the West Bank and Gaza at the end of August. The Elders’ delegation will be led by former Brazilian President Fernando…Read More

The Words of God Do NOT Justify Cruelty to Women

by Jimmy Carter (in The Observer) "We are calling on all leaders to challenge and change the harmful teachings and practices, no matter how ingrained, which justify discrimination against women. We ask, in particular, that leaders of all religions have the…Read More
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