Global Need Cafe

Just did a tour today of the first location of the Global Need Cafe' The impact was much greater then I was ready for! Humbled beyond words!

Global Need presented at Idea Camp in Washington DC

Hello Global Need Facebook!! Hope everyone is doing well, wanted to share the latest updates happening at Global Need. First off please stop by the web site, it has been updated with the latest projects, and the new news about our coffee and cafes'! We…Read More

Global Need Coffee!

Hello to All! We are all very excited at Global Need about our new Global Need Coffee Brand. This program will help tell the wonderful story of Global Need, and create a revenue stream that will help fund our projects! We look forward to hearing from…Read More

Global Need on Twitter

Hello to all! Exciting developments ahead for Global Need! For those that Twitter please follow Global Need at Be Blessed Armando

Global Need Brochure Download

Hello All, Thank you for joining Global Need through Facebook!! For those of you tying to learn about all of the aspects of Global Need because you are wanting to get plugged in and get those you know plugged in, we tried to make it a little easier. Go to…Read More

Updated Project Page

Hello Global Need, I wanted to take this time to thank everyone for joining the Global Need cause! If you have not visited the web site (, please take some time to visit the projects page so you can see the work Global Need is doing…Read More
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