Thanks for your donations!

Global Ministries received a check from Network for Good thanks to your donations (and a birthday wish from Susan!). Many thanks for the gifts to the work of Global Ministries! We send a weekly update directly to thousands of email inboxes - is your inbox…Read More

Global Ministries Donations on Facebook

The donations option is now set up for the Global Ministries Cause. The agency receiving the donations is set up as the Division of Overseas Ministries which is one of the two fiscal entities that make up the programmatic entity which is Global Ministries.…Read More

Cell Out for the Congo - October 22

WEDNESDAY October 22nd 2008 from 12 pm to 6 pm WORLDWIDE The Cell OUT is an organized cell phone usage boycott from 12pm - 6pm on October 22nd to bring awareness of the Congo conflict over the natural resources. Coltan, used in many electronic devices has…Read More
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