Thank You! & a few Global Angels updates..

Dear fellow Global Angels, I just got to thinking.. When's the last time anyone said Thank You?! ;) THANK YOU, EVERYONE! + Thank You for being part of, and for supporting, the GLOBAL ANGELS cause here on Facebook! + Thank You…Read More

re-energizing Global Angels awareness - short URL!

Dear Global Angels, I hope everyone has been enjoying their summers as much as possible! (Every cloud has its Silver Lining!) Thank you all for your continued support for Global Angels! :D Please help to spread and re-energize awareness of GA by messaging…Read More

You are invited to an exclusive classical concert with Kate Royal.

Dear Friend, Please see details for an exclusive classical event in London. Event Info: Type: Music/Arts - Classical Concert Date:Saturday, September 27, 2008 Time: 7:00pm -…Read More

Police agree to set up new unit in Thailand

The Royal Thai Police headquarters have asked Global Angels to help spearhead a new movement in the police to monitor police corruption and protect child victims of Human trafficking. On my visits to Thailand we have conducted investigations with the police…Read More

Angels - please read our newsletter

Dear Angels, Please take a moment to read the following Global Angels Newsletter.. its short! Sorry if this is the second time you have received this message. Warm regards Christian

Invite all your friends!

Hi! We're finally up and running with Global Angels ready to benefit from our donations! Please invite all your friends to join the cause and let's raise some money for our kids :) xx

Have you joined the Global Angels GROUP yet? It's the Fb space for GA updates from the GA website. Direct staff of GA (proper!) are involved as group officers. Step Up - Join the Global Angels group today! :)
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