GAD Update March 2013 - Big STL screening coming up March 18th & other news

So...this has definitely been the longest stretch between updates ever! Not sure what happened there, but I guess visiting 18 colleges since you last heard from us and planning 15 more this Spring might have something to do with it:) Check out our website…Read More

GAD Update 9_7_12: New Video and Fall Tour 2012

Hey all, been a while since we updated you on Give A Damn? activities. Its been a slower summer for us as far as Give A Damn? activities go. David has been in Africa for a couple months working on When the Saints stuff ( Rob has…Read More

We REALLY need your support with Dan's new film, Hit Man to Hero.

We REALLY need your support with Dan's new film, Hit Man to Hero. 1st step: Checkout the IndieGoGo fundraising page 2nd step: Consider giving a donation to support Dan's next project. It’s super easy and will take…Read More

GAD? Update 6_21_2012: Hit Man to Hero Trailer!!!

Hope you are having a wonderful summer:) Got some big news to share with you.... My current film, Hit Man to Hero, just launched our trailer and IndieGoGo campaign!! I told my producers that our friends would step up and support this fundraiser, so take…Read More

Update 5/2/12: GAD? in LA & Nigeria May 5th, WTS trivia night

Been a busy few months since you last heard from us!! We were occupied with screenings/presentations at Overflow Coffee Bar, the Africa World Doc Fest, SLU, Univ. of Oklahoma, Omaha Film Fest, Broadway Bean Coffee shop, LES Film Fest, Maryville Univ., MIIIE…Read More

GAD? Update 2_22_12 - New Festivals, screenings, Awards and updates on side projects

Our Spring tour is kicking in to gear and we have a ton of cool events and festivals coming up. We our official selection for the "Africa World Documentary Film Fest", the "Omaha Film Fest," and the "Les (Lower east side) Film Fest" in New York City. Here is…Read More

Need 1 minute of your time!!!

Please go to this youtube page ( and "Like" our trailer. We are 18th in a competition and need to get 10th to have a chance at winning $10,000!! Thanks everyone!! Expect a more thorough update in the next week or…Read More
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