The man who made girls’ education possible

Mr. Ghulam Murtaza, also known as ‘Doctor’ in his native village, has made it possible for 30 girls from villages Sarkalan and Laphi (District Chakwal in Pakistan) to rejoin their school. He had served as a paramedic staff at Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore for…Read More

Sidra had tears of joy in her eyes

Sidra Batool was very anxious. She could not sleep all night. She got up unusually early that morning and prepared for her school. It was a very important day of her life. She boarded her wagon and sat quietly. There were many other girls in the wagon going…Read More

Support Our Project on Global Giving - Last 10 days

Dear Friends, We are glad to inform you that our project posted on has earned a permanent place on this prestigious website. It was all because of active support from you people. So far we have earned $ 6015 with you support. Currently,…Read More


Our project on girls Education has raised over $ 4000 on global giving website, and stands at number 4 in the open challenge.

Maria has passed secondary school exam

Kanwal had stopped going to school when she passed her exam for 8th grade. The reason was financial crunch that her family faced. Her parents wanted her to continue her education, but could not afford to send her to High School, as it involved traveling to a…Read More

Do we want our next generation to live in poverty (read misery)?

Although it is widely acknowledged that educating girls is the most powerful and effective way to address poverty and the single best investment one can make, cultural bias and gender discrimination often exclude girls from educational opportunities in…Read More

New Cause Picture

Dear Friends, We have added a new picture. In this picture you can see Bedari's Executive Director sitting with a group of girls who are being provided financial assistance so that they can continue their education. This has been made possible by cause…Read More
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