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IMPORTANT ACTION ALERT - Ladies & Friends, will you please take a couple of minutes, to comment to the FCC, (tomorrow is the last day for public comments on this important issue!) and tell them, that you do not want the TV decency standards lowered. A proposal to weaken the existing standards is currently up for consideration, and if we don't speak up NOW, we will see more nudity and…

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Ladies & GAPHT Supporters, we need your help MASSIVELY, in spreading the word about this petition to help protect Jordanian families and children. The press release was just released this week; we have partnered with our friends, The Pink Cross Foundation, & Cedars Cultural & Education Foundation to get as many signatures as we can to support Jordanian citizens in blocking porn sites…

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GAPHT Friends, it was recently announced that the government of Jordan, is in initial phases of having ISPs block pornography sites. They realize the detriments of what free porn sites are doing to families and children. Let's help show our support of their efforts, and let them know, as world citizens, we support them in blocking porn sites, here is The Jordan Times article:…

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