Gaza under fire

Hey everyone, Firstly thanks all for joining this cause and for caring about Gaza, the situation there is getting much worse as you know: 521 people were killed, 2500 were injured.... hundreds of the people who were killed are children or women, and these…Read More

The situation in Gaza

hey guys thnx a lot for joining this cause.. The situation in Gaza is getting much worse, 430 were killed 2200 are injured, 220 are badly wounded. Only yesterday 9 children were killed there and today 3 other children were killed. And Israel might start a…Read More

Gaza under fire!!!

Hey guys I really want to thank all of you for joining you know the israeli massacres in Gaza by now, they killed 350 people, injured 1650 and 200 of the are badly wounded. But also they attacked two Mosques, a university, a hospital and a medical store. We…Read More
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