Please Read!

please go look at this link and see how much the government doesnt care about peoples rights & freedoms.. the only good thing to come out of this is that they are letting people stay…Read More

Please Read!

Message sent via Maddie Hartle: Hey everyone please please pray for Brian Samuel Minnik, a mutual friend of mine who was recently beaten nearly to death with a baseball bat for his sexuality. He is in critical conditions and could really use some prayers.…Read More

Gay Rights

I just wanted to thank everyone for the continuing support.. keep up the good work guys.. and keep spreading the word.. =) <3.. Emily xo

Californians! Vote on Proposition 8!

There seems to have been a confusion lately re Proposition 8... So to clear it up, if you care about Gay Rights and Human Rights, Vote NO! For clarification, see the two following links (the official "Vote NO" link as well as the Wikipedia…Read More

New Admin

I just wanted to let everyone know that our new admin is Logan Starman.. thanks for the help.. I hope you can do great things for this cause!! xo Emily


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