Pledge to

Keep standing up for full LGBT equality!

This pledge closed over 4 years ago

How this will help

We are just getting started!

After all, we still have so much left to do to ensure full equality. Full equality means that LGBTQ people everywhere are safe, healthy, and respected. A repeal of DOMA and marriage equality in 13 engine states is only the beginning, a strong victory in an uphill struggle for justice.

Pledge to stay engaged, energized by this victory, to continue to fight to:

  • Win full marriage equality in all 50 states 
  • Pass ENDA: ending workplace discrimination against LGBT employees 
  • Get fair healthcare and respectful public services for transgender people 
  • Stop violence, bullying and hate crimes against LGBT individuals 
  • Teach and celebrate LGBT history in our schools •Secure dignity, respect, and human rights for all
We are just getting started! Your pledge today means that we can count on you to finish the fight. As future opportunities to stand for equality through petitions, pledges, and action arise, that you will be there.


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