Meet Sacha...

13 year old Sacha* has recently joined our FreeToBeKids Chlid Rescue & Development Centre in Goma, DRC. Sacha’s mother had no means of income and was unable to provide for the basic needs of her 9 children. Sacha’s father is not around and all of her…Read More

Change a life today.

For the last six weeks my youngest son William, who is seven, has been wanting to, as he calls it, “Give money to feed a starving Africa kid.” So I thought I would encourage his new found fad and see how long it lasted. William found an old tin and put $1.60…Read More

RESCUE. SHELTER. SET FREE. Support our safe homes for rescued children.

Support our safe homes in Kolkata, Handpost, Vijayawada and Goma for children rescued from abuse and exploitation.

Become an AMBASSADOR FOR CHILD RESCUE from just $10/month

Help FreeToBeKids RESCUE, SHELTER & SET FREE children from abuse & exploitation. For less than a coffee a week, become an Ambassador for Child Rescue today: Ambassadors provide vital support enabling us to reach…Read More

New website!

FreeToBeKids has a new website! Check it out at:


FreeToBeKids is back in action here on! To celebrate, INVITE all of your friends to JOIN THE CAUSE! Visit our facebook page and 'like' us to receive regular updates.
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