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Eddie Vedder speaks out about the WEST MEMPHIS THREE. Don't miss it!

I finally got rid of the ACLU beneficiary

Alright, although the ACLU is a great cause, it's not the one we're all here for. Unfortunately there is no cause for the WM3 in the list of beneficiaries to choose from, so once again, here is all the info you will need to make a donation to free damien,…Read More


An affidavit was filed today in Arkansas Supreme Court, petitioning for a new trial for Damien Echols. The motion cites jury misconduct and the complete absence of DNA evidence linking Echols to the crime. A copy of the affidavit is forthcoming. Check back…Read More

Just a reminder

This is just a reminder that donations can be made directly to the defense fund using paypal [email protected] There is not a beneficiary that can be made out specifically to the WM3 Thank you for all your support -Amanda

Unprecedented Evedentiary Hearing Set In "West Memphis Three" Case

Frank Brooks August 10, 2008 The latest, and perhaps final, chapter in the infamous "West Memphis Three" case is finally drawing to a close. It has been a full fifteen years after Christopher Byers, Steven Branch, and Michael Moore were discovered bound and…Read More

RE: donations

I know that the beneficiary listed is not the right one to donate to. I've contacted the defence fund asking if there is a specific address I can use as the beneficiary. I haven't gotten a response, but as soon as I do, I will list it. For now, all donations…Read More

I guess it would help to have the link...

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