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we need a laptop

our 7yo laptop died. can anyone donate a laptop or sell us one cheap? %100 tax write-off. please

ebay sellers???

If you sell on ebay you may now donate to Free Recovery Foundation. List with eBay Giving Works and you can make a difference while boosting your sales.

serious time to help

The beginning of a new year is the busiest time of the year for addicts to start to get help by far. As you settle your end of year finances you may find this is a great time to make a lasting donation to help someone in serious need and solidify last minute…Read More

We will offer free referral services

check the info at www.freerecoveryfoundation.org. We are doing this because we believe that it is almost impossible currently to get reliable and appropriate information that is not financially connected to a specific treatment center or silo. This also adds…Read More

Web design advice and software donation

we need to make a better website. simple to use mac software for design and production. which one should we get? any donations leads? online discounts for non-profits?

Narcanon is Scientology

just a reminder

We are looking for a grant writer

we need a volunteer grant writer and researcher to get us tapped in to this world of support for our mission. We believe that there is a good amount of Foundation funding that might apply to Free Recovery Foundation and we want it to pass along to…Read More
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