Taking over

Returning our beaches to the public is still a dream of mine. I am looking for someone who has the will to take over the leadership of this campaign.

"Taking care of our beaches"

A new article in "Al-Akhbar", long but worth reading

Our cause in NOW Lebanon

http://nowlebanon.com/NewsArticleDetails.aspx?ID=292466 Thank you Aline Sara Less than a decade ago, sun-worshipers could be found basking—for free—at Tam Tam, one of several public beaches in Lebanon. Today however, Tam Tam is little more than a memory.…Read More

Personal stories

Those who had a recent experience related to the cause are welcomed to tell us about it. It's Summer time (AKA beach time) and many started to experience the burden of not having access to most of our beaches...

Extract from the Lebanon State of the Environment Report (worth reading)

*** Uses and abuses of the public maritime domain: Beach resorts, large commercial and industrial units and ports occupy 56 km of coastline. This represents 23 percent of the Lebanese coastal zone. These establishments either wholly or partially obstruct…Read More

Friends of friends

Thank you for supporting this cause which should be a cause for all Lebanese. We need your support by you inviting your friends to join us. Once we're numerous, we will have a bigger impact.


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