Facebook needs a report option for Child Abusive Material

Facebook needs a report function that is specific to "Child Abuse Material" - (sexual imagery which focuses on children) and which links to a "hotline" who have a dedicated online report system. If this feature were to be put in place by Facebook, it would…Read More

Get 100 of your friends & family to join this vital petition

The more support the more chance there is of actually succeeding x http://www.causes.com/actions/1662820-get-100-of-your-friends-family-to-join-this-vital-petition

Friend offered killer free breakfast if he carried out the attack...

Becca was just 15, her killer was offered a free breakfast if he carried out attack! lets give this page some likes + shares show Becca's family they are in our thoughts + have support -…Read More

Peters Law

Peter's Law: A Voice For All Children

James Bulger Memorial Trust

convicted child sex offender released from jail housed yards away from victim’s home....

February 2011 - Gordon Batey, A PEADOPHILE, jailed for ­abusing a schoolgirl has moved back into her neighbourhood after being freed from prison, the girl’s family only found out Batey had been released when her father bumped into him outside an Iceland…Read More