Chain Breaking Events in August!

Hi everyone! We have 5 remaining spots open for Chain Breaking Events in August. Please consider hosting an event. This can be a great way to celebrate a birthday too. :) You can learn more about our Chain Breaking events by going here:…Read More

Beach Bum - Featured Product!

New Blog Post: Update from Lucy Watkins in Pattaya, Thailand

Ghana Jewelry Now Available!

The time is here and the long-awaited Ghana jewelry is now online and available for purchase. All of these pieces are hand-formed by Ghanaian artisans and are made from 100% recycled glass bottles. The pieces feature our signature clasp in either sterling…Read More

new blogs up about new jewelry and Thailand

Hey Friends, Check out our FS site blog for updates on the situation in Thailand as well as new Ghana jewelry which will arrive June 1st.

New blog post describing our last few weeks in Ghana

Hi friends of Freedom Stones, We just posted a blog of our last several weeks in the Lake Volta region (the boonies) in Ghana. We had very little internet access there (and the connection was terrible) so we are catching up this week and hope to post some…Read More

New blog post of our time in Ghana

Hi Friends of Freedom Stones, Check out our site today, we have posted a few blogs about our time here on the ground. Also there will be pictures to follow in the next day or so (if all goes right) so keep checking back periodically with our blog on the…Read More
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