Free Cyprus - support via facebook connect

Just a quick note We are trying to get people to support our website as well as our facebook page, so we have made it even easier now. You can 'join' our site and show your support via facebook using our "facebook connect" button found…Read More

Modern Cyprus

Just a quick note. We have a new website it is called MODERN CYPRUS It will become the place for news on all positive projects happening in Cyprus to end division. If you wish to contribute an article or have information on a…Read More

Brilliant project in Cyprus

Dear all, I am forwarding you this message from Demetrios Nicolaides @ the Forum For Youth Advocacy (FOYA) Cyprus It is a fantastic project in Cyprus Their goal is to set up inter-communal youth programs which will aim to…Read More

Free Cyprus

Just a very quick update on some recent activities. You may have heard about the facebook page to support a concert on the Green Line in Nicosia by Pink Floyd. It would take place to celebrate unification of Cyprus. We have had some encouraging news lately…Read More


Hi everyone. There is a group I created for a Eurovision Song. Composed by a Greek Cypriot and Voicing by a Turkish Cypriot. It will be really nice if we can send them to the Eurovision.. Lets do it…Read More

For Alexis Grigoropoulos

Guys please have a look. There are two demonstration for Alexis Grigoropoulos in both sides. Please have a look in following links and try to attend at least one of them if its possible. Thank…Read More

Bi-Communal youth camp

Hi everyone.. There is a bi-communal youth camp dates between 2nd-8th of July, ages between 18-24.. For more information and application form please visit; Thanks

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