Supporting a Free Capitalist

Hey all. Its been TOO long since I worked to advance the Project here on our Cause Page. I repent. The reason I'm writing today is to ask for your help on a simple matter. My wife is running for political office. She has a website at…Read More

Free Capitalist Round Tables

With the Study Group concept taking off, we're looking to organize Free Capitalist Round Tables beginning this coming week. Round Tables are small groups (generally between 5 and 15) that meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, and are designed for leaders of…Read More

Quick Action Item

I'm trying something new as far as updates with Facebook and it involves FB friend relationships. I noticed there are about 1,000 people who are part of the FreeCapitalist Cause here on FB but who have not become my FB friend :-( so instead of going page by…Read More

One Minute

I'm sending this out to every member of the Free Capitalist cause here on Facebook. I'm asking you to consider investing one minute of your day RIGHT NOW. As I watch the headlines about the Cap and Trade bill being passed without being read, once again, our…Read More

Tomorrow Night

I hope you'll take a minute and read through this LONG message. :-) First and foremost - did you notice that we hit 2,218 for cause membership here on Facebook? That's great, and I know we can do much, much more than that. So, please invite your like-minded…Read More


Are you interested in lunch or dinner? How about joining me on the radio? Here's the thing. Our cause (The FreeCapitalist Project) on Facebook has just passed 2,000 members! That's awesome. Now, I know if we worked at it we could hit 5,000 in very short…Read More

Two Speaking Slots Open

This is a unique opportunity for us. We have two 15 minute speaking slots open for our event tomorrow night. (I was scheduled to speak for too long.... :-) ) So, I'm sending this message out to our network on the chance that there might be in this group (or…Read More
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