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donations are being doubled by Doris Buffett

Doris Buffett's Sunshine Lady Foundation has challenged FRAXA to raise $500,000 ... if we can she will match it. It's an all or nothing challenge and I just know we can do it!

Birthday coming up? Make a birthday wish for FRAXA.

Anyone who has their birthday in the next 30 days can make a birthday wish for donations to FRAXA. Here's the link: Thank you for considering this, and if your birthday is coming…Read More

cast your vote in the FRAXA Photo Contest

FRAXA's photo contest is live and I can't believe how many people are voting! Almost 100 pictures of kids, and adults too, with fragile X - some amazing pictures that should be magazine cover shots. They are at

Getting the Word out!

OK Fraxa supporters, you have done a great job spreading the word. And, I would bet that, as Malcolm Gladwell wrote about, our numbers are driving us very soon to a tipping point where interest and support for the cause through Facebook will grow…Read More

Spread the word

There are many very worthy causes and organizations that, with support, and funds ultimately discover a breakthrough. Now those of you who read this can be part of another which may significantly improve if not reverse the challenges posed by Fragile X,…Read More
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