I am sure most people by now have heard about the soap store 'Lush' and its descision to sell a bar of soap in aid of the Hunt Saboteurs Association- the Fabulous Mrs Fox Bubble Bar. Whether or not you have, I urge you to really consider buying anything from…Read More

Countryside Alliance - Important - Fox Hunting - Please take time to read

Important to foxhunting and the countryside- please read. Dear all: The London Marathon takes place this April 26th. This year, the Countryside Alliance has 7 runners taking part in the event in order to raise money for them. One of these runners is in fact…Read More

Deleted Posts

I regret to inform everyone that certain posts have had to be deleted from the cause. The majority of these postings were anti-Fox Hunting, however, this is not at all due to their opinion or view on it; crude language and blatant insult to others have forced…Read More

Spread the cause

Please do what you can to spread the foxhunting cause.
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