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Young Invincibles
Young Invincibles Campaign leader

"For-profit" colleges. The name says it all. $$ > Students

How for-profit colleges rip off students

A student who attended a for-profit college found she could have saved $14,000 in student debt by going to a community college. STORY HIGHLIGHTS Whitney Barkley: Government is at last making for-profit colleges accountable Barkley: Corinthian Colleges must shut down after inflated job rates, low graduation rates Barkley: For-profit colleges…Read More
Young Invincibles
Young Invincibles Campaign leader

The curtain is being pulled back on for-profit colleges!

For-Profit Colleges Facing Increased Scrutiny, Skepticism - NEA Today

NEA Today
Between the falling profits and declining enrollments, not to mention the millions of dollars in federal penalties and hundreds of lawsuits filed, it’s been a rough year for the for-profit college industry. Just within the past few weeks, the nation’s largest for-profit university, the University of Phoenix, has reported that its student…Read More
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