Help needed for 5 lethal white guinea pigs at Wee Companions Small Animal Rescue

Wee Companions Small Animal Rescue recently acquired 5 lethal white guinea pigs just like Casper from various sources, including a pregnant one who gave birth to a baby lethal white, Gandalf. They also have a large number of other small animals in their care,…Read More

Casper flew over 18,100 km from Australia to Vancouver!

That's 11,251 miles for all my American friends! Thank you all again for your support. Casper now has a new piggie friend, Baboo, a charming two year old that we adopted from the West Vancouver SPCA (and who can now do the circle trick!), and we'd like to…Read More

Merry Merry all my friends!

Casper's holiday card is posted! Come see the little Humbug's first Canadian Christmas!

We've flown Casper home! She's happy and healthy in Vancouver!

Thank you to everyone for their support through this long journey home. We made it in to Vancouver this morning and Casper didn't seem to mind the flight one bit (well, she did mind the bath she got when we arrived here, but the flight itself? no…Read More

Casper is SAFE & WELL in Honolulu!

We made it safely out of Australia and are recovering in Honolulu for a few days before travelling on to Vancouver! Casper was a little dehydrated after the long flight from Sydney (plus the long flight from Perth to Sydney first), plus an extra 3 hours in…Read More

Pigs will fly!

You'll have to wait till Oct. 24 for my update! Thanks to everyone for their suport! Jenn & Casper

BAD NEWS, need help!

Qantas refuses to fly Casper, saying she is too unhealthy (is disabled unhealthy?!) and JetPets refuses to try anymore. The only other airline that flies to Hawaii is Hawaiin Airlines and they won't take guinea pigs in cargo. I really need a Gulfstream…Read More
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