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What is happening to Palestinians (whether Muslim or Christians) in Gaza is immoral and inhumane. What moved me wholly to the woes of Palestinians was a picture. In it a man held up the body of a tiny baby, a year old maybe, who's body was charred black and one of his legs was cut off so that a bone protruded from his knee. This is not the world I want to live in where babies are murdered in the name of defense. It is murder! It is massacre! THIS treatment is what we are fighting to stop. This cannot be allowed to go one. This is not about Muslims helping out fellow Muslims, it's about humans helping out fellow humans. Its about doing the right thing and standing up against evil bullies. The world went to the aid of Jews at the time of the Holocaust. And now they are treating those who gave them refuge and support at their time of need the same way. We must make the world realize the need to stop this. We must help the jewish community realize what their leaders are doing. Your signature makes all the difference. It just takes a minute and it's the least you can do to help those in suffering. Thank you for your time. Don't forget to promote this cause, we need to reach as many people as possible. We need to fight for the humanity that still exists within us!

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