Seven Reasons Why Guys Like Porn We have just released a brand new e-book, "Porn in the Pews: Teaching Your Church About the Dangers of Pornography." Click on the link to download Chapter 2: “Seven Reasons Why Guys…Read More

Teens and Porn: 10 Stats You Need to Know

Red-Light District Online: What do you think about the new .XXX domain?

Take this 2-minute survey and let us know what you think -;

Steve Jobs Wants to Keep Porn Off the iPhone?

Recent comments from the CEO of Apple have sparked controversy. Should Apple use its own sense of morality to guard what apps are created? Give us your opinion:

Your Brain on Porn (Part 3)

Listen to the third part of our interview with Dr. Bill Struthers: Dr. Struthers is the author of Wired For Intimacy: How Pornography Hijacks…Read More

Your Brain on Porn (Part 2)

We continue our interview with Dr. Bill Struthers on how porn impacts the brain:

Your Brain on Porn (Part 1)

Listen to the latest podcast from Covenant Eyes: "Your Brain on Porn" (Part 1). We interview Dr. Bill Struthers about the impact of porn on the male brain -…Read More
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